These are really scary chapters.

“There was silence in heaven for about half an hour….” Is this the time we are in now? Heavenly time is nothing like earthly time so half an hour in heaven could be millenia here. Is that why we do not hear from God, or at least, we don’t see His miracles on earth?

The horsemen of the previous chapters already seem to be here. There is rampant painful death, a lack of peace and much hunger over much of our planet. “The terrible day of anger is here, and who can stand against it?”

But God commands the four angels who are standing at the corners of the earth, ready to destroy it, that first the people of God must be sealed from harm.

Then the seventh seal is broken – and the terrors of before seem like a holiday in Eden.

A mountain of fire is thrown into the sea and a third of the creatures in it die. Fiery hail lands on the earth, burning a third of it. A third of the rivers and springs of the earth go bitter. It doesn’t sound that different to what is happening now really. A third of the light goes out of the world.

But then, a voice says “Horror – how awful for all those who live on earth when the sound comes from the trumpets of the other three angels.”

Okay, I’ve written enough now and I’m only up to chapter 8. I’ll do chapter nine tomorrow.

Dear Father God, Thank You for the strange book of the Revelation. Help us to understand it. Help us to keep looking to You and working for You with a thankful heart. Please be with my dad. Thank You that we know that the ending is good. Please forgive me my sins and please help me to know how to use my talents for You, my Father. In the name of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen