“Its rider is called Faithful and True. His name is The Word of God. On his robe and on his thigh was written the name: King of Kings and Lord of lords.”

At last, things start to turn around. Babylon falls, heaven opens and Jesus comes, followed by the armies of heaven, on white horses dressed in clean white linen. They defeat the forces of satan and throw satan into the lake of fire.

Dear Father God, Thank you for being with me this past fortnight. Please be with my family and particularly with my dad. Please give him strength and comfort. I love You my Father God, please help me be with You at Christ’s wedding feast, dressed in the white that my saviour earned me. Please help me do Your work here on earth. Thank You for P, for A and for C. Thank You my Father God. Please also be with our new government in Britain, please give them wisdom to help this country in perilous times. Please also be with the people who made up the departing government, particularly Gordon Brown and his wife, and help them to find positive futures. In Jesus’ name, Amen