dulac_aloneHow can I feel alone when most hours of the day are with people I love? Yet for the past six months I have awoken at night, sweating at the slow disintegration of everything I once thought I was, and its replacement with – what? But a strange thing has happened. I am seeing the fear of being alone in others’ eyes, too. Someone said to me last week that “I was feeling alone, needing a friend, and I prayed to God, and he sent you into my life the next day.” God always sends companionship if we ask Him for it.

I think the feeling of “lonely” is actually a spirit of fear from the evil one. Being alone is good sometimes. This picture says to me, if I can face the spirit of the fear of being lonely, and know that God is my cloak and my armour and Jesus is my helmet of salvation and the Holy Spirit my fighting moves, then I can take pleasure in the few moments of “alone”.