I am reeling.

I have just put down my copy of The War Cry, one of my favorite publications, with tears in my eyes and a heavy feeling in my heart.

The headline was “Jesus loves porn stars”. Designed to get my prudish christian heart pumping with self-righteous disagreement, I’m sure.

It did, but in a conflicted, strange way. I know that Jesus loves porn stars, each and every one of them, just as much as he loves me. And I know that he loves the people who make the money out of selling those pornstar bodies too, just like he loved slave traders in days of old.

In the article, the too-cool-for-a-prude pastor who wrote the article informed me that one of the body traders, a Ron Jeremy, is open to “our” world, and may, indeed be saved and know Jesus: “What if he already has (been saved)?” he asked with a disingenuous we-aren’t-allowed-to-judge self-satisfaction.

Well, I feel pretty strongly that if if Ron Jeremy had begun following our Lord – the Jesus who stopped the pharisees from stoning the adulteress, but then told her to go and sin no more – then Ron Jeremy would have stopped enslaving men and women into a tragic, empty addiction to a twisted distillation of one of God’s most precious gifts to the world.

I believe that Jesus does NOT love what porn stars do. That’s because he loves them – and he loves me, and he loves the millions of women and men whose lives have been destroyed by this industry. He loves the children of broken marriages, the abused children whose parents use porn to get high and alcohol to get drunk, and then have no idea that they’re abusing their little ones.

I believe that Jesus does not love that sinful, dark, evil empire that is taking over our world through our computers.

I believe that Jesus wants porn stars to come back to him so he can restore them to the beloved daughters and sons they are. He wants Christians to tell porn stars and everyone in that industry that, like the prodigal son, God is waiting for them every moment, hoping and planning for them to come back; sending “prudish” christians into the world to tell them this great, brilliant news.

I know this not because I am a former porn star, but because I am a mother and a follower of Christ. I don’t get it right all the time and sometimes I am so fearful of the power of this industry, which is wiping pastors and believers before it, that I do forget to show love first, talk about repentance second.

But please, Pastor Craig Gross and the dear people at the War Cry, a magazine which I love for its message of love and hope to the world – please do not come under the thrall of the Ron Jeremys of the world. I applaud your witness to them. But please keep your message straight. You are, after all, God’s soldiers on earth.

Jesus loves the sinner. He hates the sin. It is that black and white. Don’t get confused, or starstruck because this threat is wily and it wears a glamorous face, unlike us sometimes tired Christian soldiers. It is as destructive as war to families and we are called to stand against it.