In recent days I have been spending every spare minute of my precious spare time cleaning spam gunk off my forum. It is amazing and perversely fascinating and appalling what rubbish is washing up.

For some reason, people are trying to hijack my forum to advertise everything from human flesh to trampolines, weight loss and courses to unlock stolen phones.

The worst for me, as someone who many years ago was a vulnerable teenage girl, is the porn.

I have always felt I had a bit of a time of it with being taken advantage of. But now I realise how much God in his grace was watching over me even as I turned away from him. Although there are some things I look back on and cringe, at least I did not get entangled in that horrendous world that is pornography, or being a groupie, or any other thing where I thought that using my body for money was a great way to survive.

I’m quite shell-shocked at the moment. I feel a lot of pain that there is just so much vile crap in the world, and so many many people out there hustling other people’s bodies. It reminds me of the things which have hurt me, and which I have spent a lot of time trying to heal.

So if you are looking at this page’s sister forum, please beware. I have not yet got rid of all the porn. I will do so as quickly as I can, but I am just one human against more than a quarter of a million programs that are hacking onto my site.