Last Friday: Today I was assaulted with a spirit of fear, which I won’t name further, which really punched me in the gut. The sorrow caused by this fear was just like I’d suffered a real loss.

I just want to say that I spent a good hour of otherwise peaceful time planning for the imagined tragedy. Can you imagine that? What a waste of the precious time God has given me.

Anyway, eventually my faith returned and I prayed to God to banish the spirit of fear, in the name of Jesus. I asked him to increase my faith and grant me peace.

He answered me. Straight away and the spirit was gone. In its place was a feeling of peace. Delicate, like the peace after a storm, but real! And if the spirit or another like it should invade again, I will pray again.

In the meantime, I pray thank you to my God, who answers my prayers, and ask Him to give me a spirit of discernment for evil spirits so that I waste no time and life with them.