I’ve just got back from posting a letter to Sam Wiggle from my 4 year old: Dear Sam, Please stay with The Wiggles with all your friends. I really love your silly frown. From J. PS – Please please stay. I’ll miss you if you go.

She wanted to send this even though she had been told by her brothers that Greg is very nice too. I had a heavy heart as I posted it. I know Sam is the victim of his “friends”. But I can’t tell her that. She wouldn’t understand that those smiley men have hatcheted one of their own. Children’s television is meant to be the preserve of friendship, loyalty and kindness.

The thing that makes me very sad is that I am paying hard-earneds for my daughter’s heartbreak. My eight cents a day ABC contribution is paying for┬áthe Wiggles to advertise all their products on public television. Even Playschool, that bastion of all that is Australian about childhood, is stuck in the middle of Wiggles Hour.

So now that I have no choice on so-called free-to-air between commercialism and commercialism, I have┬ádecided to borrow children’s DVDs from my very nice library instead.