“And the sun sank again on the grand Australian bush—the nurse and tutor of eccentric minds, the home of the weird, and of much that is different from things in other lands.”

I remembered this poem as I watched the bruised sun sink behind the black outlines of bony gum trees tonight in hinterland NSW.

The sky is so deep at night, you can stare into it and your eyes will get lost before they meet the reflection of mankind’s light. I remember reading that many English children will never see real stars but here you can see the light of so many stars that they become a fog of light behind the closer, twinkling ones. Even so, they do not overwhelm the rich black of night. Like me, the creatures here are too loud to ever be from England. They croak and caw and moan and sigh and rustle. There is no twittering or pretty birdsong.

My children find it scary, they are worried about spiders and snakes and ask how to deal with bites from various poisonous crawlies. But me, I draw deep breaths. I have come home.

* This was written last October ago, but I have not had time to update my website for months, as you may have noticed from all the spam. Apologies for that, I will clean it as fast as I can – Serena