20150509_113249I hit a snag today. Giving away old clothes sounds like a simple task – but these are Jon’s old London shirts and I find it hard to give them away. I am grieving for my old London self, which is ironic because when I lived in London I was grieving for my old politico self. But out of that grief came so much that was new for me: learning to be creative as a mum. In London I learnt about food co-ops, fairtrade food, English birds, being sun-drunk, fermentation, the joys of walking everywhere, how you can communicate through the use of one judiciously raised eyebrow. I miss you SW19. I miss you London. But that does not mean I need to keep these shirts. I will give them away today. I do not have time to recycle them into a cool patchwork quilt. I acknowledge, mourn and let go of the fact that mine is the generation that lost the ability to sew. Goodbye shirts. Goodbye sewing fantasy.