I don’t consider myself old but increasingly I identify with the comments of “old farts” in my life and in the media.

For example I’m sick of the young assuming they are better and smarter than older people, because the older people are “slow” to pick up on the latest trends. Maybe because we saw that same trend a few years ago. As for technology, I’m not slow, I’m not stupid, I just don’t care to devote my whole life to it, and therefore I’m not great with it.

I’m sick of it being suggested that it is bad that the older generation “control” the assets of the nation. Those are the assets they have worked all their life for, I guess. We’re not talking Gina Rinehart here. We’re talking of elderly people living in houses they have faithfully paid off with the money they’ve gone to work for everyday, while also paying for the food and clothing of their children.

I am not that old but I am old enough to remember Y2K, the billion dollar black hole which took lots of taxpayers dollars and put it – where? Because the planes were going to fall from the sky and the banks would stop working.

I am not old enough to have been around for the war, but I am old enough to have been in classes where the teachers were. My grandfather was in Anzac marches. My neighbour in London remembered playing in bomb sites and once I got hugged in the street by an old Jew who thought I was the daughter he’d lost in the ovens.

People that were old enough to see the war are often the most suspicious of the latest “threats” to our world. Global warming, for example. Sure, they have seen much damage to native habitats around them. But they also have seen what obsessive people can do when they grab the national agenda and use it to their own ends.

So instead of getting angry and trying to take over the world, which was my agenda when I was younger, I am about to make like an oldie and work in my little corner, giving love to those around me (doing my ┬ábest to, with God’s help) tending my garden, writing my poetry and my stories and raising my children.

The anger and the fear: I’ll pass them on to God. He knows what to do with it.