Today has been beautiful because on the walk to and fro school I saw dozens of honey bees on flowers. Doesn’t sound like much but if you’d been as starved of bees as me for the past five years in London, you’d rejoice too. There was loads of talk of the death of bees, and for a while it was easy to see it happening, even if unbelievable to take in. Now, their comforting buzz is back, at least in our street, and for that I thank you Father God.

My other happy mending-the-planet-one-house-at-a-time news is that I’ve been eating leftovers for lunch every day this week. Yesterday it was leftover cassoulet with creamed corn and cheese melted into an artisan bread toastie.

Today, curried leftover sausages with malonggay and potato.

I took my two tomato plants for a deep soak in the sink, and I played with my daughter and her friend and taught them some road safety.

It’s so lovely and warm I didn’t think once of storing up for winter, and felt truly content.

Thank you God for that.